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The teacher is unarguably a livewire in the education system. For this and many other reasons, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) found it imperative to commemorate the teacher and his activities every year. This paper is therefore focused on the thematic choice of UNESCO’s world teachers’ day for 2021 tagged “Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery”. While attempting to make an appraisal of the import of this theme, the paper perceives the import of the theme as a veritable opportunity for mirroring critical matters relating to the teacher and the teaching profession in Nigeria. The paper roundly reviews the challenges of the teacher and the teaching profession in Nigeria, noting particularly how the making of the teacher and his professional handicaps have consequently become part of the broader and complex challenges of education in Nigeria. It therefore copiously x-rays the qualities and tools of the teacher that are prerequisite for the recovering from the pitfalls and gaps in Nigerian education. Effectively, the paper strongly posits that with well-trained teachers, and where they are armed with appropriate tools in addition to requisite work-incentives, part of the road-maps to reclaiming the glorious days of Nigerian education would have been discovered.


teachers, education, recovery, opportunity, profession.

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