Edwin Chukwuaguzie Elujekwute (PhD), Faiza Bashir Umar, Jane Ogoma Aja (PhD), Ibrahim Umaru Danburam (PhD)


This paper examined the influence of competitive intelligence on sustainability of small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. As Nigeria marketing environment is enmeshed in escalating competition arising from the effects of globalization and other marketing dynamics among others. The paper examined the concept of competitive intelligence, Sustainability of small and Medium Enterprises in Nigeria, the effect of competitive intelligence on the sustainability of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria. Conclusion were made and the study recommended among others that to stem the sustainability of the competitive in the market, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) should study the consumer’s needs and wants by developing innovate products capable of providing them with value and satisfying benefits rather than those offered by the competitors. Also, that the SMEs should take holistic assessment of the competitive intelligence strategies in the environment and develop different and unique design to earn them a competitive edge over and above competitors.


Influence, Competitive Intelligence, SMEs, Sustainability, Nigeria

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