Patrick IK. Umezi


This paper is about the intercultural effects on semantics in Igbo culture. The writer intends to find out how the mixture of Igbo culture with other cultures has influenced meaning in the Igbo cultural elements. This study was guided by triangular Relationship of Ogden and Richard (1923). In linguistics, semantics has to do with meaning; and this is the life of a language, because meaning leads to understanding and that is the base of communication which language stands for. Besides, meaning changes according to situations. In Igbo cultural setting, language is a mystery because every aspect of human life is pregnant with meaning; ranging from situations of life, objects, food and drinks, weather etc. An object can mean different things in different occasions. This paper strikes on the meaning hidden in Igbo cultural elements and how the mixture of pure Igbo culture with other cultures influenced the original meanings attached to these cultural elements. The following cultural elements served as footstool: Kola nut, palm wine, masquerade, wooden drum/metal gong, palmfrond, sound of animals and presence of some animals. At the end of the research, the result showed how modern ways of life, which came as a result of mixture in culture, erodes some meanings attached to the Igbo cultural elements. Solutions were equally proffered on how to protect good aspects of Igbo culture.


Igbo Culture, Intercultural Effects, Language, Symbol, Semantics.

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