Mohammed Bilyaminu, Bilkisu Muhammed Kawu


This study examined the effect of Climate Change on Food Security in Adamawa State, Nigeria, in which nine-teen (19) out of the twenty-one (21) local governments of Adamawa State were sampled. Thirty-five (35) copies of the questionnaire designed for the study were allocated and distributed to the farmers heads, household heads, and whole sellers of Agricultural products based on random and systematic sampling in which interview was restricted to only farmers’ heads. Structural Equation Model (SEM) was employed in the study achievement of specific objectives. The findings of the study confirmed the evidence of pass-through effect of climate change on food security in Adamawa state as food stability, food accessibility, and food utilization significantly reduce as a result of the decrease in food availability caused by changes in climate. This implies that, high rate of climate change contributes to food shortages, consequently, individuals will not have access to food due to its instability thereby leading to absent of nutritional well-being. The study concludes that, climate change significantly affects the four dimensions of food security. The magnitude of the effect of climate change on food stability as one of the dimensions of food security is higher than that of the remaining two dimensions. This implies that, due to the shortage of food caused by climate change food is not stable in Adamawa State. The study therefore, recommends that, proper measures should be taken to reduce the effect of climate change such as adaptation and mitigation and government should intervene in food production to ensure food stability, affordability, and utilization.


Investigation, Effect, Climate Change, Food Availability, Food Stability, Food Accessibility, Food utilization.

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