Ifeanyi A. Chukwudebelu, Casmir N. Osigwe


This scholarly work delves into the profound relationship between the Umunna family structure and the indigenization of Christianity in Igbo society. It acknowledges the historical influence of Western culture on Christianity and advocates for an authentic Igbo church aligned with local culture. Using ethnographic fieldwork and an interdisciplinary approach, the research integrates sociological, anthropological, and theological dimensions to present Umunna Ecclesiology. It argues for an indigenized church rooted in Igbo/African family structure, departing from foreign worldviews. The study suggests the Umunna system, known for unity and co-responsibility, as a model for structuring the Igbo church. Exploring the Church as a family of God, it emphasizes the potential to strengthen social bonds and promote Christian values. In conclusion, the study calls for Igbo and African theologians to engage with Umunna Ecclesiology, bridging tradition and modernity for a harmonious integration of Christian principles within the community.


Igbo Family System, Umunna Ecclesiology, Indigenization, Christianity, Igbo Society.

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