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The critical thrust of this research focuses on the aspect of scene design materials and approaches in theatre and films production for the goal of propagating indigenous knowledge and African cultural reality. The study is based on the examples depicted in Anietie Usen’s Village Boy which employs artistic ingenuity in the use of material deigns and management of scene settings purposefully towards the preservation of African cultural heritage and material resources. The research is therefore purposefully intended to explicate the strategies of scene design and material utilization that students of theatre, scholars and practitioners in theatre and film design and technology would find useful. The study delves into how to procure the requisite materials and understand the approaches towards enhancing and informing on the ways and means of production in theatre, drawing on African traditional cultural material, worldview and ideals. The research recommends that scene designers in African drama, film and theatre practice should strive towards procuring the right material resources and adopt the right approaches in their theatrical or film career with the consciousness to teach, promote and propagate positive creative aspects of African cultural ethos, mores and traditions.


scene design approaches, cultural material, cultural heritage, modern African drama.

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