Emmanuel Echezolochi Amadi (PhD), Uwom Kenoye Ophagharanan Igoniko (PhD)


This paper focuses on the ancestors as promoters of fertility in African religious thought. The paper argues that the ancestors promote fertility through reincarnation believed to be a vehicle through which they physically re-enter the human world, as a new born to perpetuate their lineage. The paper argues that as spirit he possess inherent power to reincarnate any part of his body, leg, hand, feet, nose, etc. The paper also argues that they have multiple locations retaining their existence in the material tangible world while in the ancestral world; this explains why the ancestors reincarnate in several people at the same time. The study adopted secondary sources (published materials). The study also adopts phenomenological approach to interpret and describe how the ancestors promote fertility according to African traditional belief. Findings reveal that the place of the ancestors in African religious thought is so very important; hence the continuity of the lineage depends on them.


Ancestors, Promoters, Fertility, African Religious Thought, Re-incarnation.

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