Omoregie Rome Igbinerediauwa, Ukpomwan O. Omigie


This paper examines the influence of religion in political choice while appraising the 2023 presidential ticket of the All Progressive Congress (APC). Secondary method of data collection were employed in analyzing the reasons behind the adoption of the same faith ticket and why it generated so much apprehension among citizens in the country.  The paper concludes that though morality has always been put forward in religious balance as it involves presidential candidates and their running mates, credence is not given to religious balance in the constitution of the country, therefore the paper recommends that Nigerians should live above religious politics and embrace competence, ability and capability in picking presidential candidates in subsequent elections. Again, Nigeria being a secular state should hold its secular character supreme as competences do not belong to one religion; in the wake of this fact there should be balances in the key leadership positions in the country across religions and regions.  


Influence, Religion, Morality, Same-Faith, Islamization.

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