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This paper aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of philology, a field of study that involves the analysis, interpretation, and understanding of written texts in historical context and classical languages. The paper covers various aspects of philology, including its definition, historical development, and key concepts. The introduction section presents an overview of philology, emphasizing its role in the analysis of linguistic, cultural, and historical aspects of texts. It also discusses the different perspectives on the relationship between philology and linguistics. The paper then delves into the two major periods of philology: Classical Philology or Altphilologie (300 BCE to 1800 CE) and Modern Philology (since 1800). It explores the origins and contributions of these periods, highlighting their impact on the preservation and comprehension of ancient texts. The concept of philology is discussed in detail, with emphasis on its interdisciplinary nature. The paper explores the concepts of historical linguistics, textual criticism, literary analysis, and cultural studies in the discipline of philology. Each concept is defined and explained, to show their significance in the discipline. The significance of philology is then presented with special focus on its role in the preservation of cultural heritage, historical and literary research and cross-cultural exchange. The paper emphasizes the value of philology in safeguarding endangered languages. Generally, this research paper provides a comprehensive view of philology, its historical development, key concepts, and significance. By exploring various aspects of philology, this paper aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the discipline and its importance in the study of written texts, languages, and cultures.


Understanding, Dimensions, Philology, Written Texts, Classical Languages.

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