Uwagbale Raymond Francis, Omoruyi Kingsley (PhD)


Despite the quest to survive, workers are face with erroneous job hazard that affect their health as well as their wellbeing. Sawmill workers mostly encounter occupational health hazard from employer negligence, competitiveness, poor policies and many other. This study examines occupational health hazards of sawmill workers in the wood processing industry in Benin City. Adopting a cross-sectional research design which involves sawmill workers across the 3 local government that make up Benin metropolis. 278 respondents were systematically sampled using both the qualitative (IDI) instrument and quantitative (Semi-structured questionnaire) instrument for data collection. Based on the findings, the study noted that the awareness level of health hazard associated with wood processing is high, hence it often reduces work performance. Prevalent among such hazards are; skin irritation, eye disorder, throat problem, asthma, chest pain and many others. Thirdly, the study discovered that workers are at their own mercy as they are not often provided safety during work. The study therefore advocates that policy on workers safety, health as well as insurance should be revisited and the workers properly appreciated and protected.


Social Analysis, Occupational health hazards, Sawmill Workers, Wood Processing Industry, Benin City.

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