Maryann Abisola Ariwodola, Romoke Omowumi Onijamowo, Emmanuel Ifeduba (PhD)


Magazines offer information about current affairs and serve a certain function in society, such as surveillance, correlation, entertainment, and product and service promotion. Despite the common misconception that magazines and newspapers are the same things, magazines differ from newspapers in that they are more specialized and are an excellent and healthy source of information as well as entertainment. Magazines produce a very sensual reading experience that improves recall because they focus visual aesthetics across their pages rather than just on the covers. With a female audience, magazines are often published in a beautiful and glossy design. Readers, especially women, rely on the publication for news on fashion trends, vacation spots, and gossip, travel destinations, and gossip, among other things. Its progression has garnered attention and has become a necessary component of modern culture. People rely on magazines, which are normally released once a week or once a month and contain articles, stories, images, advertisements, and fashion.


magazines, people, fashion, published, current events.

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