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This paper discusses tourism as representing one of the largest and fastest growing economies in the world, especially as it is said to be a major contributor of about 9% of the global GDP. The paper sees the poor state of economic growth of Africa and its bleakness and suggests strongly that countries like Nigeria, needs economic diversification and offers an alternative in tourism through a cultural platform. This paper argues that as a gastronomically cultural assembly among the Tiv, Kyegh Sha Shwa provides that alternative which could become an important element of diversification and tool for rebranding the economy and cultural image of the Tiv in Benue State, especially that both the government and non governmental agencies, in recent years, have started to recognize the importance and power of attraction and communication of the cultural gathering. The paper concludes that apart from the opportunities availed to participants; they also experience directly, the language spoken, food eaten, architecture and friendship which play significant economic and cultural functions other than a nutritional one. 


Tourism, Kyegh Sha Shwa Festival, Tiv Society, Culinary Skills, Sustainable Development.

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