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Prophets are regarded as God’s mouth-piece. They either fore-tell, (predicts future events) or forth-tell (address current lapses in a particular human society). Prophets serve as preachers, teachers, interpreters, oracles, social critics, instructors, and reformers. The Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola through the revival of 1930 was used by God to reform the Church in Nigeria through healing and miracle ministry. Despite all the persecution by the government and Anglican Church, he was able to reform the church and the people. The Church in Nigeria that appeared to be in a coma came back to life again. The paper concludes that the Christian Church in Nigeria needs a prophet like Joseph Ayodele Babalola who will focus on their role as reformers than pursuing material things.


Prophets, Joseph Ayodele Babalola, Religious Reformation, Evangelism, Nigeria.

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