Emmanuel C. Anizoba, Anthony Onyedika Onyeume


Many interpretations have surfaced as a result of the Akpo people's traditional religious system not receiving the attention it deserves. The aim of the study was to compare the intricacies such as the patterns of traditional worship system and other religions mode of worships that coexisted with them. For data analysis, the study uses a qualitative phenomenological research design and a descriptive approach. Personal interviews are the major source of data collection, where as library materials are the secondary source. The study reveals some of the aspects of the people's traditional worship such as during rites of passage, marriage, death etc. the study also recommends that some pre-existing misunderstandings can be managed or corrected. Documentary evidence has once again been made available. It would inspire and direct future research.


Religion, African Traditional Religion, Major Pillars, Minor Pillars, Akpo Community.

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