Queen Esther Eneremadu (PhD), Cynthia Adaeze Onuegwunwoke (PhD)


Language plays a unique role in all spheres of life and its functions can never be overemphasized. This paper presented a linguistic style on democracy and insecurity in Africa using a play ‘‘Silhouettes’’ by Toni Duruaku as a guide for solution to the problems of democracy and insecurity. Thus, linguistic stylistics is the description of stylistic devices in different contexts for the benefit of linguistic explorations in language and literary world. The theoretical framework is anchored on Halliday’s systemic functional linguistic model which describes the metafunctional view of language. The paper came up with the findings that democracy doesn’t work effectively and fully in Africa because of a number of reasons of which abuse of power and corruption are included. In conclusion, the paper strongly advocates total respect for the sanctity of human life at all levels and the protection of individual, private and government property. The paper also suggests that government must be responsible like Obialor in the drama text ‘Silhouettes’ in responding to challenges of insecurity in every segment and sector. Government at all levels should be able to provide enabling environment that would make it possible for both the government and the private sector to create job opportunities for youths, as this would reduce the danger of insecurity and unrest.  Also, all citizenry in every African nation should be law-abiding, vigilant, and live by sound moral principles. Every hand should be on deck striving fortheir national unity, justice, peace, and development.


Democracy, Insecurity, Linguistic Style, Africa.

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