Ambrose Obodoezeojiakor Ogueche (PhD), Rev. Fr. Dr. Williams Peter Awoshiri, Joseph Umar Bibinu, Habila Katuka, Benjamin Sergius


The aim of this work is to discuss the positive influence of religion in the Nigerian politics and the implications for national development. It is a vivid fact the religion has impacted positively on politics in the Nigeria in many ways. In policy formulation, politicians seek advice from religious leaders in order to ensure good governance. The researchers made use of secondary sources of data collection in their methodology. The findings of this work show that religion has contributed positively to Nigerian politics and that the adherence to religious moral values and observance of the Nigeria constitution has enhanced peace and national development in the Nigerian society. The work recommends that political office holders in the Nigeria should adhere to the positive tenets of their respective faiths which tend to promote the welfare of Nigerians and the entire human race.


Positive, Influence, Religion, Politics Nigeria.

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