Queen Ijeoma Sokwaibe, Cynthia Nkechi Uzoukwu (PhD)


Jezebel, a princess and priestess of the Phoenicians who worshiped Baal, marries the Israelite king. The name Jezebel has been associated with various forms of wickedness, including prostitution, wickedness, murder, and the new term the Jezebel Spirit, which has come to mean everything unfavourable about marriage. Jezebel is also the name of a biblical queen who was wicked and cunning, wild, ruthless, and self-centered. Jezebel was undoubtedly a formidable force to reckon with. This paper utilized the historical and descriptive approaches in its research  and explains  Jezebel's legacy as that of a remarkable lady who lived in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and under the wrong circumstances. The study posits that Jezebel, evaluated from an unbiased perspective, can be appreciated for the greatness that she was. For good or for evil, Jezebel was one of the most n influential women of the Bible. The paper suggests that knowledge of biblical hermeneutics and criticism would help in better understanding Jezebel's character as one of the most powerful women in the Bible at a time when women had few rights or opportunities. Jezebel was a formidable woman who should be remembered as one of the greatest women of her day and not as a depraved figure who attempted to overthrow a nation.


Jezebel, Ahab, Naboth, Strong-willed, Powerful Queen.

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