Iorlaha John Daagu (PhD), Dese-Tere Shadrach Daagu, Rev. Matthew Uwalaka (PhD)


The secondary school system is a complex environment comprising a heterogenous population of learners and teachers all pursuing the accomplishment of national educational objectives. If not properly coordinated, the myriad of activities, both the intended and unintended, that goes on within and around a school will culminate into low-grade accomplishment or no accomplishment at all of the educational objectives. The success of secondary education to a large extent hinges on the administrative or managerial prowess of the school principal. Research evidence is replete with evidence of the existence of secondary school principals that are not properly grounded in management theories, principles and policies. As such they display counter-productive leadership activities that negate harmonious co-existence between the leader and the led. It is however pertinent that a conducive environment be created in the secondary schools which will facilitate the accomplishment of desired educational objectives through the application of workable and viable leadership approaches. This article assessed the provisions of Mary Parker Follets’ Human Relations Management and its implications for principals of secondary schools in Nigeria.


X-ray, Human Relations Management, Implications, Principals, Secondary Schools.

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