Temple C. Nwambuko (PhD), Emmanuel Ikechukwu Amoke (PhD)


This paper examined strategies for developing administrative competence in public enterprises in Nigeria. According to Loew (2016), competences are abilities, behaviors, knowledge, and skills that impact the success of employees and organizations. However, public enterprises in Nigeria lack thecompetent abilities, behaviors, knowledge, and skills that impact the success of employees and the organizations. The lack of these has grossly affected the performance and contribution of public enterprises in the national development of the country. In order to cast more light on this, this paper adopted a descriptive research design; relied heavily on secondary data; and theoretically analyzed the collected data. The findings of the study include among others thatpublic sector organizations in Nigeria lack the six administrative core support competencies (organization, communication, service delivery, technicality, adaptability, and interpersonal skills) with specific behaviors and skills that are generally relevant to all administrative support positions irrespective of the department, division, branch, work function or position. Based on this, the study recommended among othersthe following strategies or ways to improve administrative competencies in public enterprises in Nigeria to boost efficiency and effectiveness in the sector: coaching, voluntary training, job shadowing, team building, and adding an extra element of challenge. In conclusion,it is up to public sector organizations in Nigeria to cultivate their marketability. Thoughtfully evaluate any weaknesses in their employees’ set of administrative skills and commit to making improvements.


Administration, Competence, Administrative Competence, Public Enterprise.

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