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Blacksmithing, an important surviving traditional art form and practice in Elele Alimini that is much sought after in the phase of modernism seem to have declined in Alimini and its environs. The people of Alimini seem not to be aware of the importance of the craft to mankind. Even the Nigerian government seems to have minute understanding of the benefits of blacksmithing to the nation. Axiomatically, a study of the decline of blacksmithing would have shown the gaps in its role of nation building. So also it would have shown the ways of continuing the art in Nigeria. The objective of this study is to examine the declining condition of blacksmithing in Elele-Alimini and its environs. The aim of the study is to establish the factors responsible for the decline with the view of providing the way forward. Biographical survey of qualitative research methods and research questions which test the objective of the study are the basis of the investigation. This research design adopts the historical survey technique which relies on Primary and Secondary source of data collection. The study shows the origin of Elele Alimini, geographical location of Elele Alimini, blacksmithing as a traditional art and the origin and practice of blacksmithing in Alimini Community.  It also shows the gap in the role of blacksmithing in Alimini and Nigeria in general, as well as the causes of the decline of blacksmithing in Elele Alimini and its environs.  The study therefore, suggests ways of revitalizing the art as a means of stimulating the interest of self-employment and culture preservation in the youths for a sustainable development. 


Decline, Blacksmithing, Elele Alimini, Environs, Barrier, Cultural Heritage.

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