Benjamin N. Nyewusira (PhD)


The usefulness of historical studies in national systems of education is dependent on the merits of the hindsight and insight that those systems provide for the betterment and furtherance of education in some other places, particularly those places that are yet to find their right footing in education. Although  French and Nigerian educational systems are varied in a number of ways, mostly because of the colonial relationship of both countries, this paper however observes that there were notable events and developments in French educational history that remain too fundamental for the benefit of education in Nigeria. This paper scanned through those significant events and developments that trended in French education; with the view to establishing the necessary ideas, attitude and lessons that would benefit education reforms in Nigeria. In writing this paper, we discovered that the leadership character needed for a rapid and revolutionary development of education in Nigeria should be akin to that which facilitated and dictated the pace of educational development in France, following the events that were immediate to 1789 and continued after the 1789 revolution. The paper firmly emphasized that the radical nationalistic leadership that shaped and spurred French education during this period is urgently needed for the repositioning of the Nigerian education system.


Trends, Revolutionary, Development, Education, Lessons

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