Tope Isreal Ibiwoye (PhD)


Visual representation is one of the enthralling aspects of a print media. Images are seen as booster to understanding of text. The method of illustrating a text had gone through a number of transformations over the years. This study looked at the place of digital photography as it affects printing practice in Nigeria. A survey was carried out among printers in Akure, Nigeria. A qualitative research approach was adopted, and data were analysed using thematic approach. The result revealed that larger percentage of the Printers in the study area preferred the use of photographic illustration, and particularly, digital photography for illustrations in their print designs. Although, a number of bottlenecks to the use of digital images were identified, the Printers still favoured the use of digital images in their printing activities. The study therefore recommended that the Nigerian printing team should regularly update their skills in order to keep abreast of the dynamic nature of the digital technology as its affect photography. Relevant governmental bodies are also encouraged to update curriculum of photography at the tertiary institutions and professional study centres to ensure conformity with digital revolution.


digital photography, visual representation printing technology, photographers, printers.

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